Is Your Tractor Overheating? Keep Your Machine Cool With These Tractor Parts

With the dry terrain that is the Australian countryside, and the hot weather that is summer, it is not unlikely that your tractor could be experiencing overheating problems. Such cooling issues can affect your farm's productivity, causing delays and lost revenue in the coming months. In case your tractor is going through such problems, replacing the cooling parts described below can go a long way in reversing the problem.


The radiator is an integral cooling part in any motorized vehicle. It's inside the radiator that the coolant is cooled down before being circulated inside the heated engine. If the radiator is old and worn, it may not be cooling the coolant as effectively as it should. Alternatively, the radiator could be damaged such that the coolant is leaking away into the ground. In other cases, dust and dirt can block the radiator fins making cooling impossible. A new radiator will pump new life in the radiator's cooling system and ensure that such problems are averted.


The fan is located behind the radiator and is responsible for blowing cool external air from outside through the radiator fins. That said, the fan, too, can get damaged due to obstruction by dust, such as rocks or mud. The fan system can also break. With the fan disabled, the cooling process will be inhibited, which will affect cooling inside the radiator system. If you can't hear the whirring of the fan behind your tractor's radiator, this could be the problem.

Water pump

The water pump's role is to channel the coolant into the engine block. The water pump may get damaged as well due to mechanical failure, i.e. loose fitting, wiring problem or faulty thermostat. Although repairs sometimes may be enough to resolve the issue, recurrent water pump issues in your tractor are sometimes best handled by replacing the unit entirely. Not only is this effective, it is cost-effective in the long run too.

Hoses and clamps

Coolant hoses are also notorious for being behind engine overheating issues. Due to wear, these hoses sometimes develop tiny holes that allow coolant to leak out, especially when in a gaseous state. If you are experiencing cooling problems with your tractor, therefore, do not forget to overhaul the hoses and the clamps as well. In fact, you may want to start with these as they are the cheapest of the bunch.

With the above tractor parts procured and installed, you can start to enjoy longer working hours, zero downtimes due to heating problems, and zero money lost to engine overheat repairs. For more information, visit Peninsula Truck Parts.