3 Ways to Minimize Freight Transportation Costs in Your Business

Cutting down on operating and logistical costs is an important step in maximizing returns in your business. One of the areas that you should look into in this regard is the amount of money you spend on the transportation of business merchandise and other supplies. Are there ways that you can reduce these costs and make some savings that can be used in other productive areas of the enterprise? Regardless of the kind of goods that you transport to your facility, there is always something that you can do to promote efficient transportation, especially as you get the products delivered by truck. [Read More]

3 Essential Insights When Learning to Fly Helicopters

People opt to fly helicopters for a myriad of reasons, for instance, the need to make a living. Besides, some people fly as a hobby due to the adrenaline rush involved in being hundreds of feet above the ground. Irrespective of the reason, mastering the art of flying requires a person to undergo some formal training, preferably in a registered helicopter training school. Unlike in the past, training to be a helicopter pilot is not prohibitive regarding costs with many schools offering competitive rates. [Read More]

Luxury Transportation: Crucial Features for a Perfect Event in a Party Bus

If you are planning a special event in which you have to change venues, you should think about hiring a party bus. This solution is also ideal if you would like to spend a night out with your friends. The party bus hire will eliminate problems associated with transportation logistics. Moreover, this vehicle will provide a space for partying on the move. Simply speaking, hiring a party bus can make an event fun and less stressful. [Read More]

3 Ways to Prevent Misuse of Your Company's Business Fuel Cards

The possibility of employees misusing their business fuel card accounts is not a pleasant thought for any business owner. Still, it's an occurrence that you will need to do everything in your power to prevent. There is also the possibility that it might not even be your employees are are misusing the card. So what are some security features that should be part of the card's arsenal to prevent misuse? [Read More]