Why to hire a personal driver while on a vacation or business trip

There are many situations in which hiring a personal driver for a day or an extended period of time is the smart thing to do. Whether you're touring Australia on holiday with friends or family, requiring transport while on a business trip, or even under the effect of medication or alcohol which impairs your own ability to safely operate a vehicle, personal drivers can save the day. When approaching a personal driving company, be sure to outline your requirements, such as your schedule for the day or itinerary for the course of your holiday, inquire about available insurance, and compare prices with other firms in order to get the best possible deal. In any case, hiring a personal driver can be a big advantage for the following notable reasons.

1. Renting a car can be expensive

Whether you're a family or group on vacation, or on business in another state without your own car, hiring a car or van for a lengthy period of time can really be expensive. Not only is the initial price something to be hesitant about, but you'll also have to pay for fuel, which can be quite expensive in Australia at times, and cover any major or minor damage that may occur. Depending on where you go, parking fees can add up as well.

2. Drivers know their way around

Personal drivers will have driven the routes you're likely to go down hundreds of time before. This is especially useful if you have limited time or a tight schedule, since they'll know all the shortcuts and areas to avoid due to traffic. On vacation, your driver will be able to simply give you an estimated driving time between destinations so that you can plan the rest of your day with ease. If nothing else, preventing the stress of getting lost in a foreign city is worth the price of admission.

3. You can just sit back and relax

No one goes on holiday to work or worry about how to get somewhere. Having a personal driver will give you and your companions a chance to just sit back, relax, listen to music and watch the view roll by. Often times, your driver will know a few things about the area. The right driver will act as a stand-in tour guide, making your trip just a little bit more interesting overall. 

4. You'll probably make a friend

Very true if you're planning to vacation for a week or longer, it's likely you'll strike up some sort of friendship with your driver. After all, it's difficult not to if you're spending practically every day travelling with them. Since many drivers are locals, they may be able to give you some tips about things to do and places to go to eat, a personal touch you wouldn't have access to if you were driving around on you own.