Understanding Some of the Costs of Charter Flights

Chartering a flight can offer more convenience as compared to travelling commercially. With charter flights, you have more control over aspects such as routing and scheduling. However, charter flights can also be more expensive as compared to travelling with other passengers. Understanding some of the typical fees found on the invoice of a charter flight can help you see why it is slightly costlier. Having the information also helps you see why chartering a flight is necessary just as it is convenient to hire a car rather than using public means when traveling.

Landing Fees

Airports must find funds for maintaining their runways and funding their other operations. A significant portion of these funds comes from landing fees. All aircraft that use an airport are usually charge a particular amount. These fees might be waived if the aircraft has only made a stopover for fuel.

Ramp Fees

If an aircraft is to be parked in an airport for some period of time, there might be a requirement for some fee to be paid. Again, this is meant to raise funds for the running of the airport. The duration that your charter flight stays at the airport will influence the amount charged as ramp fees. In addition to this, charter flight companies may charge you a waiting fee. This is for the amount of time that the aircraft spends at the airport waiting for you to board or when it is not flying. Most of the firms will charge a fixed minimum fee. You should make enquiries before making the selection of the company to use.

Fuel Costs

The invoice for your charter flight is likely to include the fuel cost.This is adjusted so that you only pay for what you spend. In order for you to ensure that you pay the correct total figure, ask the charter flight company to compare fuel costs between the various destinations you are headed. This can help determine which airport has the cheapest fuel and thus determine where you should fuel.


The government charges tax on traveling using charter flights. This is calculated based on the number of passengers that are traveling. If you are traveling between countries, the taxation laws may differ. Thus, you should get a confirmation with the charter company prior to the trip.

Crew Costs

Finally, charter flight crews help to make your trip comfortable. If you are on a day trip, you might only need to cater from their food. However, if you are on overnight trip, you might need to cover their transportation and accommodation.

All these costs make up your invoice for the charter flight; ensure you ask about these fees when contacting charter flight companies.