A Guide to Holiday Bus Charter

Holidays are the perfect time for that road trip you have been planning with your friends. As you would want to travel together, the best transport solution is seeking bus charter services. Bus charter ensures that you enjoy the trip as none of you will be driving. Below are a few tips to guide you when seeking bus charter services.


Bus charter companies have small and large capacity buses to accommodate different kinds of groups. Do not worry about luggage space as most coaches have large luggage compartments under the bus.

Services offered

Some of the services offered by bus charter companies include the following:

  • Reclining seats on the bus to ensure comfort as you travel.
  • A restroom with a hand washing station may be available in buses designated for long distance travel.
  • Wi-Fi and phone charging ports to ensure you are connected with the rest of the world as you travel.
  • The coaches also have air conditioning to protect you from extreme heat or cold as you travel.
  • For entertainment, the buses might have LED screens so that you can watch your favourite music videos or movies.
  • For people that would love to party on the bus, some bus charter companies provide party buses. These are buses with club-like lighting, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, onboard bars and even DJ's. 

Terms of hire

Before hiring inquire on the company's terms of hire. For instance, is it okay to bring pets on-board? Are alcoholic drinks allowed on the bus? Can you eat on the bus? What is the company's policy regarding rubbish on the bus? Are you allowed to change the destination once the journey has commenced? 

Driver relations

Before the journey starts, brief the driver of the various stopovers you intend to make. Some companies may require you to provide the driver with food and accommodation during the trip. If that is the case, ensure that you are fair to the driver.

Cost and bookings

Shop around for a few bus charter companies and inquire on their pricing for the various packages. Your choice of company must be reputable and affordable. The terms of hire must also be friendly. There is a high demand for bus charter services during the holidays. As such, ensure that you book early and choose a bus that meets your standards. 

The main considerations to make when chartering a bus are the capacity, services offered, terms of hire, costs and bookings. Besides, you should maintain a good relationship with the driver.