3 Ways to Minimize Freight Transportation Costs in Your Business

Cutting down on operating and logistical costs is an important step in maximizing returns in your business. One of the areas that you should look into in this regard is the amount of money you spend on the transportation of business merchandise and other supplies. Are there ways that you can reduce these costs and make some savings that can be used in other productive areas of the enterprise? Regardless of the kind of goods that you transport to your facility, there is always something that you can do to promote efficient transportation, especially as you get the products delivered by truck. The following are three measures that you can implement to cut down on freight transportation costs in your business.

Ship less often

How many times do you ship business merchandise every six months? Is it possible to make larger orders at once so that you can ship less often and save money on transportation? If so, consider implementing this to make savings in your business. Evaluate your business and client needs so that you can bring in goods that will save you a few trips. This option is particularly viable if you deal with non-perishable goods and those with a longer shelf life. However, if you deal in perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables, reducing your shipping times may not be suitable for the business.

Negotiate for a fixed volume

You can negotiate with the transport company so that you get fixed space in the truck every time you ship goods. This means that you will be transporting a specified amount of merchandise each time and will be paying the same amount of money. This can save you from surges in transportation costs during the peak season. So, even if the prices go up, you have already set a fixed volume and price for your freight; therefore, you will not be affected by the prices surges in the market.

Repackage your merchandise

The kind of packaging you use for shipping your goods could be hiking transportation costs. If you use packages that result in dead spaces, you will end up paying more. Similarly, if your packaging is made from a weak material, it can easily break during transit and expose your goods to damage. You will not only incur huge transportation costs but also suffer losses, especially if you have not insured the goods in transit. Review your packaging and make sure that it helps maximize space usage in the shipping truck. This way, you can sue up less space and make savings.

Follow these tips to cut down on transportation costs in your business. Also, work with a reputable road transport company for a guarantee of safe delivery of your merchandise.